Jamie’s Italian, Edinburgh 27.6.13

I have been here a couple times and every time has so far been good!

Today my mum and I were looking for somewhere new to have lunch and stumbled upon Jamie’s, through the Rose Street entrance as it started raining! I was thankful for the weather that day!

The waitress however was very nervous and often stumbled on her words, however halfway through our meal she told us it was her first week which made complete sense…. as she then added two extra pasta dishes onto our bill.

I had the Meat Antipasti ‘plank’, a small selection of meats, cheese and a little bit of salad, which was the perfect amount as I wasn’t that hungry, I would not recommend as a main course (but I guess that is the point in antipasti), however I also had the ‘Posh chips’ with it, which are honestly the most amazing chips I have ever had! You can taste the truffle as soon as you eat one! Highly recommend!

My mum had the Fried Squid to start with, which is a favourite of ours in any restaurant, and then the Prosciutto and Shaved Pear Salad, and I have to say I was immediately jealous, my mum isn’t one to hold back when she thinks food tastes good, and so she did not stop talking about how good it was after every bite, I tried it and it was amazing, not only did the pear and prosciutto go well, but there is also a honey dressing.

So much so, she ended up making it at home, and it was also good!

So, very thankful to Jamie Oliver for introducing my mum to his wonderful Pear Salad!


Jamie’s Pear salad!


Mum’s Pear Salad!


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