Yo Sushi, Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh, 18.6.13

I go to this Yo Sushi so much the girl no longer asks me if I have been before, so that she can explain the menu!

However, it is a perfect fast lunch, most of it is healthy, and I have just discovered the 25%  off for students code…So you can’t blame me!


They have introduced their new ‘Burger’, you can get Chicken, Tofu, Prawn etc.. and it is £8.

I ordered the chicken teriyaki burger, and the chicken itself was lovely, had a great sauce around it, however the rice burger bun situation was very odd, I half expected them to  be like  crackers, when in actual fact they are soft and spongy…. I took them off.

It comes with a ‘daikon slaw’ no idea what daikon is, but it was very tasty and also very spicy which was a nice surprise! The little bit of ‘misochup’ that you get tastes a little bit like satay sauce which was good, and then you also got a couple of nori crackers, these were okay, bit hard, but okay…. over all it is something to try… but I don’t think I would get it again.

My favourites from Yo Sushi Are :

Miso Soup, Pumpkin Korroke, Spicy Pepper Squid, Chicken Gyoza, Crunchy Prawn ISO, Kaiso Salad, and the beef and garlic Teriyaki!


But everyone is each to their own when it comes to Yo Sushi!



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