The Ship on the Shore, 27.5.13

My Birthday is on the 2nd of June, however I was going to be away on holiday for this, and usually with my mums side of the family when it comes to a birthday the whole family is involved.

So we decided to have an early birthday lunch which included my Mum, her husband Brian, my aunty Roslyn and my Gramma and Gramps.

I had been watching ‘The Chefs Apprentice’ on BBC 1 especially the ones with Tom Kitchin, and so I decided I wanted to go to his restaurant, little did I know, it was shut on Mondays. I was pretty gutted, so I decided on The Ship on the Shore because i was in the mood for fish!

For starters I had a beautiful big bowl of mussels with a garlic sauce, and then I went on to have the Char-grilled fillet of Salmon with pearl barley, pea and lemon risotto and parmesan sabayon, and it was just one of those dishes I did not want to end!

Then what happened? Well Tom Kitchin walked in, which gave me great hope that this was a good restaurant if it was the place he came on his days off!

Then my family surprised me with a wonderful Millies Cookie cake! Love a good Birthday celebration!

P.s My Mum and Brian ordered the pakoras as a starter, unfortunately they came burnt to a crisp, so they sent them back, however everyone enjoyed the rest of the food, especially the fish and chips!

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