Harvey Nichols Fourth Floor Brasserie, Edinburgh 17.6.13

This was a late Fathers Day Lunch!

The thing is with Harvey Nichols for me is that it is associated with the rich so I immediately feel a little bit intimidated by the fact that I have to go and sit myself down as my Dad was running late! However the man who sat me down and the waitress who served us were both lovely, and I think I am just a little bit too stereotypical for my own good!

The waitress was slightly slow on drinks, and my Dad had to ask her a couple of times for the same order, however other than that her attitude was friendly.

Pork, as you will soon find out, is one of my favourite meats, and so I of course ordered the pork belly, which was cooked to perfection which is what you should expect, however like most expensive places I always feel that there is never enough on my plate!

Or I am just a greedy cow….

Anyway, I then had the Strawberry and Elderflower Pavlova, which was incredible! The meringue was perfectly gooey in the middle and the strawberries and the strawberry sauce went perfectly! I am assuming the elderflower was in the cream…. but I couldn’t taste it..

This was a perfectly delightful lunch, and I would go back, as long as someone else was paying! (Thanks Dad!)



My dads website :




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