Gusto’s Newcastle, 24.5.13

In the past six months or so, Gusto has become one of my favourite restaurants.

I discovered it with my mum, and since then I have made others go with me and even introduced it to friends.

In this case, I went with my two friends from University Abbey and Rachael, we are all moving in together in September this year, so this was our Goodbye dinner, as we were not going to see each other for much of the Summer!

Abby and I love the truffle, ham and mushroom pizza… as it is delicious!

However Rachael was unsure what she wanted so Abby shared that pizza and the creamy salmon pasta with peas and spinach!

I believe they really enjoyed the pasta!

I however had the whole pizza to myself, it has very strong flavours, so it would probably be best to share it, however I love it to0 much…

Then Abby and I shared the sticky Toffee Pudding, which is one of my favourite puddings anyway, however this one was divine!


I would highly recommend Gusto’s as a restaurant, it has similar prices to Pizza Express… but better quality!





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